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Shared metadata for data-centric materials science Ghiringhelli, Baldauf, Bereau, Brockhauser, Carbogno, Chamanara, Cozzini, Curtarolo, Draxl, Dwaraknath, Fekete, Kermode, Koch, Kühbach, Ladines, Lambrix, Himmer, Levchenko, Oliveira, Michalchuk, Miller, Onat, Pavone, Pizzi, Regler, Rignanese, Schaarschmidt, Scheidgen, Schneidewind, Sheveleva, Su, Usvyat, Valsson, Wöll, Scheffler Sci Data 10 (2023) 2023-09-14
Data-mining unveils structure–property–activity correlation of viral infectivity enhancing self-assembling peptides Kaygisiz, Rauch-Wirth, Dutta, Yu, Nagata, Bereau, Münch, Synatschke, Weil Nat Commun 14 (2023) 2023-08-23
Condensed-Phase Molecular Representation to Link Structure and Thermodynamics in Molecular Dynamics Mohr, Van Der Mast, Bereau J. Chem. Theory Comput. None (2023) 2023-07-03
Inverse design of viral infectivity-enhancing peptide fibrils from continuous protein-vector embeddings Kaygisiz, Dutta, Rauch-Wirth, Synatschke, Münch, Bereau, Weil Biomater. Sci. None (2023) 2023-06-15
Induced asymmetries in membranes Girard, Bereau Biophysical Journal 122 (2022) 2022-12-06
Identifying Sequential Residue Patterns in Bitter and Umami Peptides Dutta, Bereau, Vilgis ACS Food Sci. Technol. 2 (2022) 2022-11-09
Benchmarking coarse-grained models of organic semiconductors via deep backmapping Stieffenhofer, Scherer, May, Bereau, Andrienko Front. Chem. 10 (2022) 2022-09-09
Broad chemical transferability in structure-based coarse-graining Kanekal, Rudzinski, Bereau J. Chem. Phys. 157 (2022) 2022-08-12
CLiB – a novel cardiolipin-binder isolated via data-driven and in vitro screening Kleinwächter, Mohr, Joppe, Hellmann, Bereau, Osiewacz, Schneider RSC Chem. Biol. 3 (2022) 2022-06-10
FAIR data enabling new horizons for materials research Scheffler, Aeschlimann, Albrecht, Bereau, Bungartz, Felser, Greiner, Groß-Klußmann, Koch, Kremer, Nagel, Scheidgen, Wöll, Draxl Nature 604 (2022) 2022-04-27
Data-driven discovery of cardiolipin-selective small molecules by computational active learning Mohr, Shmilovich, Kleinwächter, Schneider, Ferguson, Bereau Chem. Sci. 13 (2022) 2022-03-02
Multipolar Force Fields for Amide-I Spectroscopy from Conformational Dynamics of the Alanine Trimer Mondal, Cazade, Das, Bereau, Meuwly J. Phys. Chem. B 125 (2021) 2021-09-24
Publisher’s Note: “Data-driven equation for drug–membrane permeability across drugs and membranes” [J. Chem. Phys. 154, 244114 (2021)] Dutta, Vreeken, Ghiringhelli, Bereau The Journal of Chemical Physics 155 (2021) 2021-07-19
Data-driven equation for drug–membrane permeability across drugs and membranes Dutta, Vreeken, Ghiringhelli, Bereau The Journal of Chemical Physics 154 (2021) 2021-06-29
Finite-size transitions in complex membranes Girard, Bereau Biophysical Journal 120 (2021) 2021-05-04
Computer simulations of lipid regulation by molecular semigrand canonical ensembles Girard, Bereau Biophysical Journal 120 (2021) 2021-05-01
Reweighting non-equilibrium steady-state dynamics along collective variables Bause, Bereau J. Chem. Phys. 154 (2021) 2021-04-01
The Bacteriostatic Activity of 2-Phenylethanol Derivatives Correlates with Membrane Binding Affinity Kleinwächter, Pannwitt, Centi, Hellmann, Thines, Bereau, Schneider Membranes 11 (2021) 2021-03-31
Adversarial reverse mapping of condensed-phase molecular structures: Chemical transferability Stieffenhofer, Bereau, Wand APL Materials 9 (2021) 2021-03-12
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Free-energy landscape of polymer-crystal polymorphism Liu, Brandenburg, Valsson, Kremer, Bereau Soft Matter 16 (2020) 2020-09-03
Regulating Lipid Composition Rationalizes Acyl Tail Saturation Homeostasis in Ectotherms Girard, Bereau Biophysical Journal 119 (2020) 2020-08-06
Hydration free energies from kernel-based machine learning: Compound-database bias Rauer, Bereau The Journal of Chemical Physics 153 (2020) 2020-07-01
Designing exceptional gas-separation polymer membranes using machine learning Barnett, Bilchak, Wang, Benicewicz, Murdock, Bereau, Kumar Sci. Adv. 6 (2020) 2020-05-15
Kernel-Based Machine Learning for Efficient Simulations of Molecular Liquids Scherer, Scheid, Andrienko, Bereau J. Chem. Theory Comput. 16 (2020) 2020-04-13
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Sequence‐Optimized Peptide Nanofibers as Growth Stimulators for Regeneration of Peripheral Neurons Schilling, Mack, Lickfett, Sieste, Ruggeri, Sneideris, Dutta, Bereau, Naraghi, Sinske, Knowles, Synatschke, Weil, Knöll Adv. Funct. Mater. 29 (2019) 2019-04-15
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Protein-Backbone Thermodynamics across the Membrane Interface Bereau, Kremer J. Phys. Chem. B 120 (2016) 2016-05-03
Research Update: Computational materials discovery in soft matter Bereau, Andrienko, Kremer APL Materials 4 (2016) 2016-03-15
Communication: Consistent interpretation of molecular simulation kinetics using Markov state models biased with external information Rudzinski, Kremer, Bereau The Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (2016) 2016-02-05
Folding and insertion thermodynamics of the transmembrane WALP peptide Bereau, Bennett, Pfaendtner, Deserno, Karttunen The Journal of Chemical Physics 143 (2015) 2015-11-13
Multi-timestep Integrator for the Modified Andersen Barostat Bereau Physics Procedia 68 (2015) 2015-08-28
Better Together: Lipopeptide Micelle Formation Enhances Antimicrobial Selectivity Bereau Biophysical Journal 109 (2015) 2015-08-18
Transferable Atomic Multipole Machine Learning Models for Small Organic Molecules Bereau, Andrienko, Von Lilienfeld J. Chem. Theory Comput. 11 (2015) 2015-05-21
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Coarse-Grained and Atomistic Simulations of the Salt-Stable Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus (SS-CCMV) Subunit 26–49: β-Barrel Stability of the Hexamer and Pentamer Geometries Bereau, Globisch, Deserno, Peter J. Chem. Theory Comput. 8 (2012) 2012-04-23
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Optimized convergence for multiple histogram analysis Bereau, Swendsen Journal of Computational Physics 228 (2009) 2009-05-19
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